Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Cider Century 2011

Participating in an organized bike ride during the grandness of autumn is certainly a way to enjoy the countryside during the fleeting days before winter.  

Pack up the bikes and helmets, it’s time to enjoy the grandeur of Midwest autumn in southwestern Michigan. The destination is Three Oaks and the starting line of the Apple Cider Century. Better known as the ACC, the bike ride has a variety of clearly marked routes ranging in distance from 15 to 100 miles. There’s a ride for everyone. Below is 18 seconds of "virtual" bike riding along the route.

For those who rode 25 miles or more, the route passed by Dinges' Farm, which in later September and October is the epicenter of all things autumn. Some of their offerings are documented below. 
Squash VarietiesMedium PumpkinsWhite PumpkinsBumpy GordsPumpkin GordsAcorn SquashButternutLarge White SquashSquashLarge Pumpkins

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