Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gillson Sunset Image Honored by Flickr

Sunset at Gillson Beach
Today, the photo above, “Sunset at Gillson Beach” became my sixty-third image to be included in Flickr's daily collection of “best” photos, called Explore. According to Pingdom, more than 4.5 million photos and videos were uploaded to Flickr each day in 2011. Of these, only 500 are placed into the Explore collection using Flickr’s “interestingness" algorithm.

According to Flickr, “There are lots of things that make a photo ‘interesting’ (or not). Where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are constantly changing. Interestingness changes over time, as more and more fantastic photos and stories are added to Flickr.”  

Fluidr and Flickriver are excellent tools for viewing Explore images. Click here to see my collection of 63 Explore images.

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