Wednesday, July 4, 2012

35mm Film: The Adventure Continues

During the summer of 2011, I experimented with 35mm film while visting Cape Cod. I used a Pentax ZX-50 camera with Ektar 100 negative film and was pleasantly delighted with the results, particularly with the blue hues. See blog entry Adventure in 35mm Film.   

Several months later, I decided to "return to my roots" and get a little more serious about using film. I acquired the Nikon N6006 camera, shown below. 
Also, I started using The Darkroom, a lab in the San Francisco Bay area that was established in 1976. For $10 per roll, The Darkroom will process film and post 1,024 X 1,536 scans of each image online. Enhanced scans can be made for an additional $5 per roll. These 2,048 X 3,072 images are placed on a CD and shipped to you with the negatives and a mini-proofsheet.

Below is an example of an image of Lake Michigan that was made with the N6006 and Ektar 100 film processed at the Darkroom.
Inspired by my friend and fellow photographer Dan Fogel, I even used a roll of black and white film. Below is an image made with Ilford HP5 film also processed by the Darkroom.
Lake Michigan Curve
Carrying both the film camera and the digital camera in the same bag offered the opportunity to make some comparisons. Below are two images that were exposed a few moments apart. The contrast is rather dramatic. Aside from a minor adjustment to straighten the horizons, no alternations were made to either image.
Sunday Evening at Gillson
Digital image made with a Nikon D300
Sunday Evening at Gillson (Ektar Film Version)
Film image made with a Nikon N6006 using Ektar 100 negative film

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  1. I'm not a photographer but this certainly helps explain some of what I wonder at when I see some of your images. Thanks.